What to Expect During Your Home Visit


First, we do a comprehensive questionnaire to learn more about your hearing history and needs. We will do a visual inspection of your ear canal using a video otoscope (tiny camera). This allows you to see what we see. Your hearing loss may be due to a foreign object or cerumen (ear wax). We will refer you to an otologist (ear doctor) if there are any abnormalities.

We are certified to remove most debris if you have any wax impacted in your ears.

Next, we conduct a complete audiological evaluation. This includes air conduction (using traditional headphones and pure tones), bone conduction (using a bone vibrator behind your ear and pure tones). The results are plotted on a chart like the one here:


Next, we do speech testing. We are looking for:

Using words delivered at your MCL, we determine how well your brain comprehends speech. These tests are done on each ear independently as well as binaurally (both ears together.)

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RIC hearing aid

ReSound hearing aids

Free Services for the Life of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aid cleaning

Included with your new hearing aids are all the benefits described below:


Secure 4-Year Warranty

All hearing aids are backed by a manufacturer’s full 2 or 3 year warranty. This warranty covers all defects including shipping parts and service. Your hearing aids also come with a LS&D (Loss, Stolen, and Damage) insurance. Your hearing aids will be replaced at a nominal fee once, no matter what happened to them during the insurance period.

Also ask us about the Secure 4-Year Warranty, available on our EarQ hearing technology.

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